Get the right

Debt Consolidation Loan

for your situation
Get the right

Debt Consolidation Loan

for your situation

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Debt Consolidation Loans

If you have unsecured debt such as credit cards, payday loans or multiple agreements, it can be beneficial to combine these into one affordable monthly payment which is spread across a longer period.

Often referred to as a second charge or a homeowner loan, the additional borrowing is secured against your property in addition to your mortgage.

Consolidate Your Borrowing

Most of our clients have borrowed from multiple sources including credit cards, store cards, overdraft and payday loans.

Bringing together the money you owe into one manageable payment, secured against your property can reduce your monthly bills and stop the spiral of debt.

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Homeowner Debt Consolidation loans

“By consolidating our debts with trufe. it’s definitely taken the pressure off for sure, and now Sarah is a lot happier, I’m feeling much more positive. We’ve been able to get the conservatory, windows and doors plus had some cash put aside. The work we’ve done has paid off as the house is worth much more now and our outgoings have gone down by at least £200 a month”.

Homeowner 2nd Charge Loans

Traditionally known as ‘homeowner loans’, ‘second charge’ or ‘2nd mortgage’, the funds are secured against your property, which reduces the risk to the lenders and should in most cases deliver a lower interest rate compared to credit cards and store loans.

Our experienced team work hard to find the lowest homeowner loan rates from our database of leading providers throughout the UK.

Secured Borrowing above £25,000

We work with customers who are looking to borrow above £25K and have equity in their property which can be used as security.

We also offer a FREE Additional Borrowing Review where we will renegotiate with your existing provider to ensure you are on the right deal.

Get Your Debt Consolidation Loan Sorted

No matter what your financial situation we look to save you money every month with great deals that maximise your strengths with the very best providers in the market.

Professional Debt Management

Each individual’s circumstances are different, often providing challenges and opportunities that high street lenders aren’t able to effectively manage.

At trufe. we understand the loans market and as an experienced independent broker, can source tailored loans for our customers.

As with all loans, it is important to manage the risks and at trufe. we take our responsibility to our customers very seriously… if a remortgage or secured loan isn’t suitable, we will tell you!

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