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Education Loans

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Get the right

Education Loans

for your situation

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Secured Education Loans

Taking out a loan to invest in yourself can be a daunting prospect, but potentially create opportunities within your career path and employment.

At trufe. we specialise in helping our customers release equity in their property to fund further education such as Open University Courses and costs associated including a mortgage and childcare.

Our experience funding experts search the whole market to source competitive homeowner loans with the lowest interest rates available to you.

Going Back into Education

For individuals who are looking to return into education, in many circumstances, it may not be feasible to rely on a student loan, family and friends or working part-time to cover the costs of running a home and your own family, particularly if you are the primary earner.

The average graduate in the UK from a three-year degree carries more than £50,000 of debt and faces high-interest rates. (Financial Times)

Invest in your personal development with a Education Loan.

Secured Loans for Mature Students

A secured loan can be one of the most affordable options open to you if you own a home and are looking to start a university post graduate or masters course.

It can also be an appropriate time to consolidate credit card debts or unsecured loans if you believe you will struggle to meet monthly placements whilst studying.

Homeowner Student Loan

It is not uncommon to change vocation during your career. Many of us now look to experience several different jobs during our working lifetime and the key to unlocking many opportunities are relevant qualifications.

A homeowner loan can make the difference by providing an affordable solution that spreads the cost of the course, time away from full-time employment and ongoing living costs.

Get Your Education Loans Sorted

No matter what your financial situation we look to save you money every month with great deals that maximise your strengths with the very best providers in the market.

Honest, Simple & Straightfoward

There are many lending options available for students. Taking out a loan of £15K or above is not right for everyone, plus your property is at risk when taking out loans secured on your home.

At trufe. we will get to understand your circumstances, motivation and longterm plans to discover what lenders may support. Your dedicated account handler will then explain everything about the product that is available so you can make an informed choice about the most cost-effective way forward.

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