Get the right

Medical Loan

for your situation
Get the right

Medical Loan

for your situation

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Medical Procedure & Cosmetic Surgery Loans

Medical Procedures and Cosmetic Surgery not covered under the NHS, or that require private treatment can be expensive, especially if you’re taking time from work.

At trufe. we work with you to source loans tailored to your specific situation, by getting to know you and understanding the lending market.

Secured Loan for Medical Reasons

The emotional impact of illness on an individual and their family can often be made significantly worse by the financial consequences which can be far-reaching. This can add significant worry to an already stressful situation.

The medical procedure itself might not even be where the cost is incurred. Whilst treatment may be covered by the NHS, other implications such as reduced income, property adjustments for accessibility and around the clock care can tip family finances into the red.

Loan for Medical Costs

Unexpected illness, accident or planned private procedures can have profound implications, particularly if any of this happens abroad.

Taking out credit cards or quick loans to cover emergency treatments or even planned procedures can provide a short term fix, but put families under increased financial pressure. Consolidating multiple loans and spreading the cost into the future can enable all involved to focus on the health of themselves and/or loved ones.

Loan for Cosmetic Surgery

Once you have decided that cosmetic surgery is the route you wish to take, the next difficult decision is often how to pay for it. The costs are often prohibitive, but with our expert advice and guidance, we can quickly evaluate if you would be accepted for a homeowner loan and roughly how much you could borrow.

Spreading the costs of cosmetic surgery over a period of 3-25 years with a loan secured against your property can keep monthly costs at an affordable level. This can help avoid having multiple loans spread across other lenders or friends and family.

Get Your Medical Loan Sorted

No matter what your financial situation we look to save you money every month with great deals that maximise your strengths with the very best providers in the market.

Secured Loan Experts

If you need a loan of £15K+ and have equity in your property then a secured loan may be an attractive solution.

Our team of independent experts work with you to quickly establish if such loans may be suitable, whilst also being transparent about the cost implications and risks.

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