A Guide to Getting a Mortgage as a Nurse

Although nursing is a highly valued career, the training process can be long and arduous, as well as costly. Due to this, many nurses start their careers with a significant amount of student debt, resulting in nurses and other medical professionals finding it difficult to get on the property ladder.

Can I Get a Mortgage as a Nurse?

Varying working arrangements can make it difficult getting a mortgage as a nurse from high street lenders. With shift allowances and overtime pay, your take-home salary may fluctuate by a considerable amount, which could prevent you from accessing a mortgage from a traditional lender.

However, this needn’t prevent you from buying your own home. The good news is, there are lenders out there that can assist, so your career choice needn’t stop you from moving forward with your life. Our experienced mortgage advisors will help you find the best mortgage tailored to your circumstances, giving you peace of mind.

Will Student Loans affect my Mortgage?

When anyone applies for a mortgage, the lender will want to know how much you earn and what your essential expenditure amounts to each month. In addition to this, the mortgage provider will check your debt levels and your repayment history before deciding whether or not to offer you a mortgage.

As nursing students typically have to fund a lot of their training themselves, they can have a considerable amount of debt. Getting a mortgage as a nurse can make standard mortgage applications problematic, specialist lenders are familiar with this predicament.

Fortunately, this means that the impact student loans and associated debt on your mortgage eligibility can be negated. While you will still need to show that you can fund your loan repayments along with monthly mortgage payments, outstanding student loans and debt shouldn’t  prevent you from getting a mortgage as a nurse.

What Discounts can I get as a Nurse?

Nurses and other medical professionals often qualify for mortgage discount schemes and help to buy programs, which are all viable options for nurses who want to buy their own property.

Of course, there are often additional local schemes which should be considered too.

Mortgage Advice for NHS Staff

At trufe, we appreciate the hard work and dedication offered by every member of the NHS and following COVID19 have adjusted our offer to include a free initial mortgage review and No broker fee, to help you get on the property ladder.

In many cases, using one of these schemes will enable you to purchase a property with a reduced deposit and a reduction in loan fees for a fixed period of time, say five years.

or nurses who may struggle to fund a tenancy while saving for a house deposit, the reduced deposit amount can make buying your home a reality. Find out how much you might be able to borrow with our NHS Mortgage Calculator.

Discuss the options that are open to you with one of our mortgage advisors who will take your personal circumstances into consideration.

Start Your Journey with trufe.

Discover how our expert team can help you save money, sourcing the right products for your circumstances from our extensive database of leading providers.

What Help can I Get as a Nurse?

Finding the right mortgage deal isn’t easy, particularly when you’re working in a demanding job role. Fortunately, help is available.

Furthermore, being able to offer ‘whole of market’ mortgage advice, trufe can help you to determine which mortgage provider best suits your needs and personal circumstances as a nurse. And as well as offering a tailored mortgage solution, our professional mortgage advisers can assist throughout the application process.

Speak to trufe About Your Mortgage

To find out more about how we help nurses secure their mortgage, as an NHS Mortgage Specialist and to take advantage of our free initial mortgage review and £100 off broker fee, start your mortgage journey today, or give us a call on 0113 3205 151.

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