Rewarding Busy Parents

After what has been such a challenging year with restrictions, home-schooling and the intensity faced by families across the country, we wanted to focus our attention on busy parents, who probably know they should review their mortgage but have found they haven’t had the time or energy to look into it.

At trufe. we are on hand to ensure you receive the right advice for your situation and give you clear, independent and honest guidance. Your dedicated expert broker will do all the paperwork, so you can kick back and relax (and reheat your coffee… again!)

Phill, Founder & Director of trufe. launched the company whilst also being the primary career for his twins, so it’s very foundations was built on offering flexible working patterns to it’s clients and trufe brokers.

With many of our brokers parents themselves and supported by the flexible working arrangements, we can support other parents by being available out of traditional office hours and communicating in a way that suits you… be that email, video calls, or even Whatsapp!

We understand that everyone’s situation is different, so after a brief chat with your ‘luke warm’ coffee to find out your situation, we can review your mortgage, and you can decide whether to stick or switch! 

This will help us establish if you are currently on the best package if it is worth re-mortgaging with your current provider (for free) or looking at the whole of market.

 So why not arrange a call with one of our brokers and find out if there is a better mortgage out there!

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Our Brokers Share Their Experiences of Working from Home During a Pandemic

We asked the trufe. team their experiences, favourite moments and tips from working from home during a pandemic.

Phill, Founder & CEO

“Choosing to have children in 2021 often means combining work and parenting. When creating trufe., we wanted to create a business model where our employees have a positive work-life balance. Business leaders may choose not to recognise that their behaviour ultimately affects their employees’ children, but it does. It creates a pressure chamber, and it’s likely that the pressure is pushed down rather than up.

The pandemic and Lockdown has shown that work-life flexibility is possible – ultimately it needs leaders of businesses to be receptive to the changing work environment around them and offering more flexibility to their team.

Running a business that’s under 3 years old, whilst my wife works full time in a senior position, I’m the primary carer for the twins. As any parent knows, it’s often a juggling act to balance work whilst bringing up children, and it can be hard. However, I have found myself in situations, when I am parenting the twins, where it isn’t seen as a hard day’s work by those who work the 9-5.

In my experience, I have found people who can juggle work and parenting well are excellent employees and employers.”


Rachel, Mortgage & Insurance Advisor

“The pandemic struck when Logan was 2 months old, and Emily was 8. I came back to work as a Mortgage Associate when Logan was 7 months old and have gone through a full downstairs remodel of our kitchen and living room. Nothing like tackling everything in one go!

I am now a Mortgage & Protection Advisor at trufe. Whilst going back to work full time, my parents have been a God send, and they help with Logan a couple of days a week.

Logan is a regular at the teams meetings – he loves getting involved and seeing new faces!”

 Arrange a call today with one of our brokers and find out if there is a better mortgage out there.

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