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Saving Christmas…

A Collection of Short Mortgage Stories.

As we move ever closer to Christmas, we thought we would take a look at several ‘real life’ scenarios that have been happening at the North Pole over the last few years. From the financial struggles of being a single parent, business loans and mortgages to the Mother in Law, we consider solutions for your personal financial situation… enjoy!

Trufe - Saving Christmas for Single Parents

Saving Christmas – Single Parents

Buddy was having to spend longer away each December to earn enough money to support his family, having separated from his wife a couple of years ago as she followed her dream of working with the Easter Bunny.

As the children got older, the financial pressures have become greater and the cost of renting continued to increase.

Missing his twenty-seven toddler elves whilst he was away shelf-sitting, he was getting increasingly frustrated and up to all kinds of nonsense in other people’s houses, so needed to make some changes, before things got out of hand.

Having made a name for himself winning several ‘on the shelf’ awards, he was facing the prospect of having to pack it all in and returning to his previous job as Rudolf’s nose polisher.

At trufe we understand the difficulties faced by single parents and how everyone’s personal circumstances are different.

Single Parent Mortgages

Buddy was receiving elf maintenance and although relying on seasonal work, had managed to gather a deposit with the support of his parents. Following a chat with one of our expert mortgage advisors, we were able to find a mortgage that fitted his families needs.

Being able to leave the stress and paperwork with his dedicated case handler, meant he could focus on his time with the children and finding a dream home for them all.

Purchasing a house closer to his parents and with good transport links has enabled Buddy to keep his job traveling the world and saved him money compared to renting.

Whilst it all sounds unbelievable, there are a lot of single parents who aren’t aware that a mortgage is possible following a separation.

Our team of experts are on hand to guide our customers through the process of finding the right mortgage for your personal situation.

Trufe - Saving Christmas

Saving Christmas - Santa

Increases in the cost of Reindeer feed, salary demands from Santa’s helpers, challenging manufacturing conditions and the related impact of Elf and Safety at the North Pole St Nicks finances have been under increasing pressure for a while.

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, Santa just wanted to pack it all in.

Following a brief chat with our team to discuss secured business loans and debt consolidation scenarios, we were able to find a new mortgage for Mr & Mrs Clause with a lower rate than they had been paying to Jack Frost with an exclusive package from ‘The Happy Feet Mortgage Co’, only available to Mortgage brokers and not found on comparison websites.

After speaking in-depth with the couple, we were also able to secure funding for an extension to give Rudolf his own room, so the other reindeer could sleep without being kept awake by his bright red nose.

The combined savings and release of pressure can already be seen on Santa’s face, whilst the reindeer are re-invigorated and ready for the best Christmas ever. They may still be watching their finances, but they feel in control.

Whilst it all sounds unbelievable, it is true that many of us are struggling financially after two very challenging years and it can often feel overwhelming and impossible to know where to start.

Start Your Journey

Our team of financial advisors are fully qualified with a wealth of experience in providing honest, simple and independent mortgage advice to help ensure our customers are on the right mortgage for their situation.

A simple process that is fully managed by our team, we often succeed in reducing monthly payments for our customers.

Get in touch and start your journey with trufe!

Trufe - Saving Christmas

Saving Christmas – The Mother in Law

One of Santa’s Elves has been struggling to sleep as his Mother-in-Law is struggling with her mortgage and has asked if she can move in with his wife and family. Worried by the prospect of living in their small cottage together and the pressures this will bring, his work as head of production has started to slip and presents are already three weeks behind schedule.

Feeling trapped and seeing the obvious pitfalls of telling his wife that he would rather live with one of the reindeer than her mother, he spoke to one of our mortgage advisors to see if we could help with her mortgage.

Whilst we couldn’t give him any advice on her behalf, we did highlight how a lifetime mortgage could be beneficial for her situation.  

At 275 Years young, she was a perfect candidate. Previously known as equity release, lifetime mortgages are very different, although the mechanic is similar.

Lifetime Mortgages

Receiving a monthly sum, his Mother-in-Law now has enough money to cover her living costs and even go to the bingo occasionally, without needing to sell her house.

With the situation resolved, the Elf has been able to sleep and re-energised has got production back under control. Plus, as a think you his Mother-in-Law, has also offered to look after their twelve baby elves for the weekend, so he and his wife can enjoy a mini-break, which they can afford after also re-mortgaging their property.

It may all sound unbelievable, but many people don’t realise the range of loans and mortgages available to them.

Instead of relying on the one size fits all comparison websites, speak to one of our Mortgage Advisors who can find the right mortgage for your situation.  

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