Mortgage Broker Fees

Different mortgage brokers use a range of different fee structures. At trufe. we aim to be upfront, clear and honest about the fees that we charge, to help our customers make an informed choice.

Independent Mortgage Advice

We believe the personal service and communication from our experienced mortgage advisors is key to us finding the most suitable mortgage for your situation.

Combined with access to the ‘whole of market’ (including exclusive ‘mortgage broker only deals’), the support of an established company and industry-leading mortgage comparison software, we are perfectly placed, to quickly source the right solution for you.

Free Mortgage Advice

We do not charge a fee for our advice. We do charge an administrative fee for processing each of your mortgage contracts. Our fees only apply when you decide to go ahead with an application.

Offers & Discounts

We want to offer the best value to our customers and provide comprehensive financial advice, which covers your mortgage, protection and insurances.

50% Discount Advisor Fees

We offer a 50% discount on our advisor fees if you allow us to provide a full financial audit and all our recommendations are carried out with your mortgage advisor.

We believe this encourages our customers to seriously look at the protection and insurance products we can offer and the benefits they provide.

Our priority is to secure you the right Mortgage Offer with the rates that work for you. We also believe it is important to ensure you are protected and that you can continue to meet your lifestyle needs, pay your outgoings and protect your family if your circumstances change.

If you already have suitable protection and insurance, our advice will be to remain with your current providers. If this is the case, you will still be able to claim your 50% discount on advisor fees.

It is important to remember that the Financial Conduct Authority regulates all our financial advice and any protection and insurance packages included in your proposal are presented to ensure you are adequately covered and/or save money.

You are not obliged to accept our recommendations. 

Residential Mortgage Broker

Our standard mortgage broker fee is £495, which is charged when your new mortgage is completed. This applies to over 95% of our mortgages.

In some instances where there is significant complexity with an application, we may need to cover the additional administration requirements with a slightly higher £795 fee.

This is usually if a customer has an adverse credit history, including CCJ, IVA Bankruptcy issues. As a result, these cases require additional investigation and support for us to source an appropriate solution. 

Product Transfer #MortgageSwitch

Our #MortgageSwitch product includes a Free Mortgage Review, which may recommend remortgaging with your current lender. If this is the case, we will explain why this is the most suitable course of action and arrange this directly with your current lender. As there is less time required to process this, we will only charge £100.

Free Product Transfer #MortgageSwitch

If our Protection & Insurance Advice is accepted and proceeds with your mortgage advisor, we will not charge you the £100 Broker Fee.

Remortgage #MortgageSwitch

If it is agreed, that there is a better mortgage out there, the standard mortgage broker fee is applied.

Later Life Mortgages

Later Life Mortgages are hugely beneficial to many of our clients, but they also require a great deal of customer support and administration. As this can vary from case to case, we operate two pricing structures, which reflect the time invested by our mortgage advisors.

  • Upto 10 Hours £995
  • Over 10 Hours £1495

We will always be clear with you about the time we will be spending on your application at the outset.

Buy to Let Mortgages

Our standard mortgage broker fee of £495 applies to the first property. However, if you have multiple properties, we offer discounts for each additional property.

Buy to Let – Existing Residential Customers

If you have completed a residential mortgage in the last 6 months, we will arrange your buy to let mortgage for just £285. 

Buy to Let – 3+ Properties.

If we place multiple properties at the same time, across a range of lenders, we will reduce our broker fee to £350 per property. 

Buy to Let – 3+ Properties. Same Lender

If we place all your properties with the same lender, we will reduce the broker fee to just £250 per property.

NHS Mortgage Advice

As a thank you and recognition of all the fantastic work all NHS staff do across the UK, we offer a full free Advice service to NHS Staff during these uncertain times. This gives customers the full benefit of our Whole of Market Financial Review, including your Insurance & Protection needs. 

100% Discount on Mortgage Broker Fees

If you choose to go ahead with us and take our full advice including recommended protection, we will waive 100% of the broker fee, giving you a full free Broker Service. We will also manage the whole process for you end to end giving you time back and real peace of mind. 

If you prefer to go ahead with Mortgage only you still have the benefit of a 50% Discount on our Fees. 

Our Commitment

At trufe. we are bound by the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority, the commitments to our administrator, HLP and the core values which underpin our business model. 

We work hard to ensure we deliver the highest standards of advice, customer service and experience.

If you would like to find out more, or start your mortgage process, please contact us to find out more.