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Get the right

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Mortgage & Secured Loan Leads

At trufe, we attract high value genuine loan applications from several websites designed specifically to target individuals who are at the commitment stage of their search for a loan or mortgage.

These relevant and targeted enquires are quickly evaluated and distributed to an appropriate member of our approved broker network.

If you would like to become an approved broker please contact us.

How it Works

Through online advertising and website optimisation, we receive visitors to our website. We then test, challenge and evolve each site to ensure the loan and mortgage applications received are suitable for our brokers.

Passing on these enquiries to our trusted partners, we can be confident they receive the best customer experience, which further improves the quality of future applicants.

We work tirelessly to ensure each of our lead generation websites is maintained and developed to keep costs down for our partners, without compromising on the leads received.

The source of high conversion loan requests.

Why brokers use trufe for leads

In a highly competitive and professional market it is often difficult for brokers to find individuals who are at the point of selecting a company to help with their mortgage or secured loan. We remove this challenge for our brokers, by investing in specific paid advertising campaigns that attract relevant applications that can be converted into customers.

By ensuring the needs of each loan applicant match those of our approved broker network, trufe has quickly become the go to company for many independent lenders.

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No matter what your financial situation we look to save you money every month with great deals that maximise your strengths with the very best providers in the market.

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