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Mortgage Switch by trufe.

Is there a better mortgage out there?

Mortgage Switch from trufe. is a hassle-free, straightforward service that quickly reviews your current mortgage and either switches you to a better deal with your current lender or moves you to a new mortgage company if it will save you money.

A Free (No Obligation) Mortgage Review with one of our friendly, expert mortgage advisors could save you time and money and may find you are already on the most appropriate mortgage! There are no credit checks or spammy sales techniques, you will simply be contacted by a qualified, fully independent mortgage advisor to discuss what option is right for you!


"Friendly, Professional & Great to Work with!"

Re-Mortgages Made Simple, with 4 Easy Steps

At trufe. we like to make the process as simple, honest and as stress-free as possible.

Start your journey

Answer a few simple questions about your situation.

We’ll search the market

A qualified financial expert will search the market to find the right mortgage for you.

Free Mortgage Review

Your expert advisor will guide you on the most suitable package, so you can decide to stick or switch!

Your mortgage, done.

Taking control of the next steps, we will sort out every aspect of your mortgage switch.

Why Switch Mortgage Company?

At the end of your fixed mortgage period, you will likely default to a variable rate mortgage which in some cases can double the interest rate. Changing your mortgage company or remaining with your current provider, but switching mortgage can save you money.

Our expert team have full access to the mortgage market and can quickly evaluate alternative mortgage products with a better rate and lower monthly payments.

Get your lowest mortgage rate with trufe.

Explore the whole market and remove the stress of switching mortgages with the experts.

Can You Save Money on your Mortgage?

Our team go the distance to ensure we save you money on your mortgage. Similar to switching telephone, gas, electricity or insurance companies, the process explores the mortgage market and what deals are available for your particular circumstances. The big difference, is that we manage the whole process.

Your personal mortgage advisor, will search the market, propose the best way forward and then if you confirm you are happy to make a switch, we will liaise directly with the lender to get everything in place.

Independent Full Market Search

Finding you a mortgage deal that is out of this world.

Ok, so mortgages aren’t from Mars and Loans aren’t from Venus, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore the whole market and save you money.

We are not affiliated with any lending companies. Our goal is to search the stratosphere for the most cost beneficial mortgages for our customers. If saving money means staying with your current mortgage provider – that is what we will recommend.

If your situation has changed, we will also review the best options open to you.

Free Product Transfer & Mortgage Review

A ‘product transfer’ is where you stay with your existing lender, but move onto another mortgage product for an agreed fixed period. There is no cost from trufe. to arrange this on your behalf.

With the information provided about your current mortgage, we will run a quick search to see if there are any lenders offering substantially better deals. If we believe it is worthwhile switching mortgage companies, we will let you know so you can make an informed decision.

Get Your Mortgage Switch Sorted

No matter what your financial situation we look to save you money every month with great deals that maximise your strengths with the very best providers in the market.